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The rivers in central were immersed in water resulted by the construction of Jenagor Dam. Thus its result to the huge lake in 1986. Formally known after one of the river, Kenyir. Due to this matter, several hills have submerged and peaks of hill summit become little islets. The highest peak is Chergau in Pulau Besar or Pulau Chergau (name after its hill name). It is situated in the centre of the lake. Other island covers nicely around the lake are Pulau Bayas, Pulau Sumas, Pulau Jelatang, Pulau Batu Pipit and many more. Pulau Batu Pipit also known as Pulau Mahathir named after the Prime Minister who is concern on the conjunction of development of the lake. The highest tophill near the area of Pengkalan Gawi is Mount Gergau, which is estimated as 855m. Whereas the highest mount in Terengganu is situated in Kenyir Lake area too, the mountain is known as Gunung Lawit (1519m). Other mounts in the listed area are Mount Tembat (964m), Mount Gajah Terom (1206m), Mount Kachang and Mount Bongsu. Mount Bongsu is believed as a legend mount for Orang Asli in this area. Some of highlands designed for trekking and camping are Mount Gagau, Mount Bongsu and Mount Padang. Just follow the marked trails or if you interested in jungle trekking, just joint KETENGAH annual Mount Gagau Challenge for a challenge.