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Bewah Cave (Gua Bewah)

Bewah Cave is known as Gua Tahi Kelawar due to plenty of but make their habitat there. The name of Bewah Cave is believed from the name of Bewah Hill (because this cave is situated on the Bewah Hill). Bewah Cave provides the spectacular sights of towering limestone hills. The secrets and mysteries of Bewah Cave still to be explored. It is believed that the cave has a value of history when some archeologist from National Museum had discovered the skeleton of the Neolithic man. Among the artifacts found in 1970ís were kitchen utensils, axes and tools. To fill the magnificent secrets and mysteries of Bewah legend please bring along touch light to experience the magnolia sight of stalactites and stalagmites. Through Ping Anchorage Tour Package by houseboat they will guide their respected guests to this exploration of eco challenge. The tunneling chamber of the cave with thousand of bats roosting upside down on the ceiling. Another mystery of the cave. Tahi Kelawar Cave another name known for Bewah Cave. The towering formation in white limestone and its fabulous limestone curtains fit the ceiling


Taat Cave (Gua Taat)

Besides, there is another cave that must be explored by visitors who love unvalueable secrets of the past. Taat Cave is the name of stalactites and stalagmites cave situated in the area of Kenyir Lake. It gets the name of Taat due to loyal villagers for their leader. (Taat means someone who is very loyal, obedient and respect for somebody). Journey by boat will take approximately two hours to reach this cave from Pengkalan Gawi. The explorer can explore this cave through its two entrances. Visitor is advised to bring along touch light to explore the spectacular sights of mother nature scene. This cave will merge underwater if the water level is high. Both of the cave walls are lined with spectacular white limestone creatively engraved by nature. This cave has some of the most impressive and fascinating stalactites and stalagmites in Terengganu. Itsí attractive as quality marble. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes.